A contract agreement is a legal document between two parties entering into a deal. The document mentions the rules and regulations agreed to be followed by both the parties. This document acts as an evident if any dispute arises between the two parties.

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Sample Contract Agreement:

This specific Agreement is for the purpose where the Scott Association, an organization in Los Angeles, CA, has hired consultant to help out in setting up the organization.

Superb Consulting (the Contractor) has agreed to offer the needed services to Scott Association (the client)
A. Assembling information: The Contractor will assess the following information gathered by the client:
1). Attendance at the previous events
2). Press coverage
3).Membership advertising material
4). Economic information of last three years

B. Membership survey: A one-page member survey will be designed by contractor. Client will make copies of the survey and send it for membership.

C. Interview for a society manager will be designed. The interview will be conducted by the board members of the client.

D. The contractor needs to visit the client at least once a week for a meeting with the board members.

E. The contractor also needs to give management training to the staff of the organization and train them regarding the policies of the company.

The client will pay the contractor a remuneration of $100000 annually. Either of the parties can terminate the contract prior to which they need to serve a notice period of one month.

for Scott Association:

James Watt                                                          Date _________________

for Superb Consulting:

Gary Lawyer                                                         Date _________________


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    How to write a model’s agreement contract?.

    Thank you please kindly send a sample of it..

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