A contract agreement template is a document which is a ready to use contract agreement which consists of all those details which are required in an actual contract agreement. These templates are left with blank spaces which can be used by the users to custom make the agreement document as per their personal specifications. Given below is a sample of one such contract agreement template.

Sample Contract Agreement Template:

This contract is being signed by and between ___________[name of the first party] and _____________________[name of the second party]. This contract has been made effective as on ________ [effective date of contract agreement] and shall remain into effect till ____________ [date of termination of contract agreement]. Details of _______ [title given to first party] Official Name: ______________ [name of first party] Address: _________________ [address of first party] Email address: _______________ [email address of first party] Contact No: ______________ [contact number of first party] Details of ____________[title given to second party] Official Name: ______________ [name of second party] Address: _________________ [official address of second party] Email address: _______________ [email address of second party] Contact No: ______________ [contact number of second party] Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  • Both the parties agree to __________ [mention the fact or condition that the parties mutually agree to].


  • The first party shall pay a sum of _____[mention the sum or amount] to the second party in return of ___________[mention the services to be provided by the second party].


  • The contract shall be terminated if any of the parties is found to _______[mention the circumstances under which the contract would be terminated].

Signatures: _______________________________ [Signature of first party] _______________________________ [Signature of second party] .

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