A contract agreement letter is a letter which a party involved in the signing of a contract writes to the other party for discussing the contract or any other point of importance. A contract agreement on the other hand is a contract which may be signed between two or more parties so as to legalize the arrangement they have made. The sample contract agreement letter given below refers to a contract where an individual is leasing out a certain property.

Sample Contract Agreement Letter


Mr. Willy Luther

M/s Jenkins Manufacturers Ltd.

487, Newline Street,

North Carolina,


25th February, 2012.

Subject: the terms of the leasing contract.

Mr. Willy

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am willing to grant your firm the lease on my land. The lease will be issued to you and will include the following terms of the lease which must be complied with:

  • The lease will be issued for a period of 3 yrs after which it is due for renewal.
  • There is no obligation for the renewal of the lease in your favor.
  • The land must be used for the purpose stated in the contract. Any illegal activates on the land deem the lease null and void, without refunds.
  • I shall not exercise any ownership rights as long as the lease holds, but the lease is not a transfer of ownership to the firm.

Please sign the letter and send back as an approval to your contract and its terms and conditions.

Yours Sincerely,


Mrs. Katherine Patria

House No. 92

Jenson Street, Vic Plaza,

North Carolina,


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