A contract agreement form is a formally drafted document which is framed in the case where two or more than two parties agree on certain clauses for the purpose of lease, business deal, buying or selling or any other related issue on the basis of mutual discussions. These forms of contract agreement contain the details of the parties, important dates and terms and conditions. Given below is a sample of one such contract agreement form.

Sample Contract Agreement Form:

This contract has been made as on 5th June 2012         

Termination date of contract: 5th June 2014

This contract has been made by and between:


Name: Mr. Tim White

Official address: S-89, first floor, D Street, London

Phone Number: 472740924094


Name: Mr. Robert Bing

Official address: 3-H, first floor, Max tower, London

Phone Number: 47439404040

Details of contract:

The SELLER is a distributer of electronic products and signs a contract with BUYER in which he is required to supply electronic goods and items to BUYER’S showroom for 24 months.

Total amount to be paid shall be decided on the basis of the items bought by the BUYER and a discount of 10% will be given on all products.

Terms and conditions:

  • The BUYER must pay the amount due for the month in the first week of the month that follows
  • The SELLER must only supply tested and fresh products and goods to the BUYER.
  • Any faulty equipment shall be returned or exchanged within two weeks of purchase.

Signatures of the parties:

Tim White

Robert Bing

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