A contract agreement example is a detailed and elaborate example of a contract agreement that is formed by and between two parties who are involved in a mutual agreement of certain terms and conditions which are regarding a deal signed between them. These contract agreement examples are framed so that people can use them as reference documents. Any contract agreement is a legally binding document for the involved parties. Given below is a sample of a contract agreement example.

Sample Contract Agreement Example:

This contract has been made as on 15th Sept 2012 and shall remain into effect for 12 months

Termination date of contract: 15th Sep 2013

This contract has been made by and between the parties with following details:


Name: Mr. Nathan Aniston

Official address: E-45, Roberto Street, LA

Contact number: 472094709404



Name: Miss Julie Cox

Official address: 3/K, Mathew’s lane, LA

Contact number: 432847328930

Details of contract:

The SELLER is in the manufacturing business of stationary items and agrees to supply the items with following codes to the BUYER as per the quantity specified by the BUYER each month.

Item codes:





The SELLER shall provide a discount of 7% in the case where the order exceeds a sum of $300 per month.

Terms and conditions:

  • The BUYER must pay the amount due to the SELLER on the day of purchase in the month.
  • The SELLER agrees to provide only fresh stationary items after checking and testing.

Signatures of the parties:

Julie Cox

Nathan Aniston


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