A consulting service contract is a written agreement that is made when one party hires an individual or a party to provide it with consulting service of some kind. These consultant services could be either related to finance, sales or government etc…The violation of the terms and conditions of this document can lead to legal actions.

Sample consulting service contract

This contract is made between two parties who are hereby referred to as CONSULTANT and the COMPANY.

This contract is made effective on the date: 30th Jan, 2011

Details of the COMPANY are given as follows:
Mr. Greg Chambers is hereby referred to as the COMPANY and he owns the company called Chambers Limited.

Official address: 23-H, park street, London

Contact number: 478309589500

Details of the CONSULTANT are given as follows:

Mr. Fred Mathew is hereby referred to as the CONSULTANT and he specialises in providing marketing consultancy services to companies.

Contact number: 4389758357859

Duration of contract: 6 months

Total salary: $1200

Commencement of contract: 1st March, 2011

The following are the certain terms and conditions that have to be followed by both the parties

  • The CONSULTANT shall work to the best of his abilities and qualifications towards the profit of the company by providing unbiased marketing advisory services.
  • The COMPANY shall pay the CONSULTANT on time and discuss the strategies and aims in details with the CONSULTANT to get the best results out of him.
  • The CONSULTANT shall be regular with his work and attendance at the head office in London.

Greg Chambers                   Fred Mathew

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