A consulting contract template can be referred to as a pre-designed format or layout that can be utilized for designing a contract of consulting. This type of contract template mentions all the terms and conditions which are agreed by the parties that enters into contract.

Sample Consulting Contract Template:

Contact Number: _____________ [an official tag assigned by the concerned department]

Effective Date: ______________ [date on which the contract is issued]

This employee contract is made and entered into __________ [day & date of the agreement prepared] between, __________ [name of the employer] and __________ [name of the shortlisted employee].

Henceforth, the employer organization hires the employee in order to hire the services in ___________ [name of the department in which employee is hired] as ____________ [designation of the employee], whereas this agreement is valid from ________ terminating on __________ [enter tenure dates].

Contact details of the Employer: [individual/ organization]:

Name: __________

Official Address: _____________

E-mail: __________

URL: ________________

Authorized contact Number: _____________

Official Website____________________

Contact details of the employee:

Name: _______

Address: _________

Phone: ______________

E- Mail ID: ______________

The covenants and promises of the employer & the employee are given as following:

(a) Description of duties & responsibilities:

The employee has to work under the guidance of ______________ [name of the H.O.D] and fulfill the assigned job duties, whereas the briefing of work will be handed over on the day of joining.

(b)Salary: As per the commitment, the net amount of salary ______________ [payment amount] to be paid on ______________ date of each month.  [payment date]

(c) Termination of contract: In case of any violation recorded in terms of behavior and unsatisfactory performance, this agreement can be cancelled.

(d)Rewards: An employee will be rewarded if he/ she continue with the brilliant performance and serves the origination with outstanding results.

Signature of the Employer: ______________

Designation: ______________ [official details of employer]

Signature of the employee: ______________ [employee signature]

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