Consulting contract letter is a letter that a company or an individual writes to a consulting company or vice versa in order to seal the details of a consulting contract. These letters consist of all the details of the contract such as the terms and conditions, important dates of termination and commencement, details of the monetary issues etc. Any consulting contract letter is a formally drafted document. Given below is a sample of one such letter.

Sample Consulting Contract Letter:


Robert Greg

Managing director

Greg Associates

34-y, second floor,

Mortaza enclave,


18th March 2012-03-16

Subject: consulting contract details

Respected Mr. Greg

I, Tony Black, the managing director of Black private limited am writing you this letter to share with you all the details of the consulting contract which we have agreed to sign. In this contract you shall be called the ‘CONSULTING FIRM’ whereas my company shall be titled as ‘COMPANY’.

Effective date of contract: 23rd March 2012

Termination date of contract: 23rd March 2013

The following are the legally binding terms and conditions of this contract

  • The COMPANY shall pay a total sum of $3000 to the CONSULTING COMPANY in two equal halves, one on the effective date and the other on the termination date.
  • The CONSULTING COMPANY shall provide legal consultancy to the COMPANY as and when required and on all the legal issues relating to the operations of the COMPANY.
  • Any breach of the terms and conditions shall lead to a premature termination of the contract.


Tony Black

Black private limited

Friend’s colony



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