A consulting contract format is a document which is drafted or framed so as to explain in a detailed manner the format or structure of a consulting contract document. Any consulting contract is a formal arrangement between two parties where one is the client and the other is a consultant and such documents need to be framed by following a proper format. Thus consulting contract format documents are extremely useful and helpful for many people. Given below is a sample of a consulting contract format.

Sample Consulting Contract Format:

Effective date of contract ________________ [mention the effective or commencement date of contract]

Term of contract: _______________ [mention the length of time period for which the contract shall remain in effect]

This contract is being signed between ___________ and _____________________ [mention the names and titles of the involved parties]

Details of CLIENT:

Official Name: ______________ [name of the client or the company he/she represents]

Official Address: _________________ [write the official address of the CLIENT]

Email address: _______________ [write the email address]

Contact No: ______________ [contact no. of the CLIENT]

[This section is used to give the details of the first party which is the client]

Details of CONSULTANT:

Business Name: _________________ [write the name of the consultancy company]

Name of consultant: ______________ [write the name of the CONSULTANT]

Official address: _____________ [write down the official address of the CONSULTANT]

Contact No: ________________ [contact number of the CONSULTANT]

[This section is used to give the details of the second party which is the CONSULTANT]

Terms and Conditions:

[Write down the various terms and conditions of the contract which are mutually agreed upon by the involved parties. Write the terms and conditions in bulleted points].


[This part must be used by the parties to seal the contract with their signatures]

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