A consulting contract form is a document which is formed or made by two or more than two parties wherein one agrees to provide consultancy services to the other in return of a certain sum of money. These consulting contract forms are legal documents which have certain terms and conditions which are mutually decided and agreed by the involved parties. These forms are formal documents which are signed and validated by involved entities. Given below is a sample of the same.

Sample Consulting Contract Form:

This contract is made by the following two parties


Effective date of contract: 18th Dec 2012

Termination date of contract: 18th Dec 2013

The following are the details of both the parties


Name: Mr. Bill Peters

Official address: 2-f, first floor, Paul square, LA

Phone: 40928740202

Details of the CLIENT

Name: Mr. Tim Brown

Address: S-89, second floor, Modern enclave tower, LA

Phone: 47883230303

Details of contract:

The CONSULTANCY COMPANY shall provide its business consultancy services to the CLIENT for 12 months based on discussions, meetings and business trends of the CLIENT’S company

Terms and conditions:

  • The CLIENT shall pay the entire amount at the starting of the contract term within the first week.
  • The CONSULTANCY COMPANY representative has to be present in the office of the CLIENT as and when required by the CLIENT.
  • The contract shall dissolve if any of the parties is found to violate the terms.

Total amount to be paid by CLIENT to CONSULTANCY COMPANY: $1800


Bill Peters

Tim Brown

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