A Construction training contract is a legal document that is made between the TRAINER and the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. This document consists of all those terms and conditions which make way for a mutual understanding between the involved parties regarding the amount, duration and other important specifications.

Sample construction training contract

This construction training contract is made on: 1st Feb, 2011

This contract comes into action from: 1st March, 2011

Duration of contract: 6 months

This contract is made and signed between the parties known as TRAINER and CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

The following are details of the involved parties:


Name: Mr. Mark Joseph

The TRAINER heads the institute of construction works in London

Address of institute: S-9, hill road, London

Phone: 4839048309485


Name: Mr. John Nathan

The COMPANY owns a construction company named as Nathan builders in London

Address: F-34, second floor, edge street, London

Phone: 4638947384955

Terms and conditions

  • The TRAINER shall train 50 workers of Nathan builders limited for a period of 6 months, training 10 at a time.
  • The COMPANY agrees to pay $250 per batch of students at the starting of the batch training.
  • The TRAINER shall train the workers about the knowledge of different materials and equipments used in construction works.
  • The TRAINER shall teach and train students for 2 hours every morning from 8-10 am.
  • The COMPANY shall hold no right to interfere in the training methods of techniques of the TRAINER.
  • Both parties realise that the violation of the terms shall result in legal actions taken against them.


Mark Joseph                  John Nathan

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