A contract made between two or more parties in which one party assigns the other the work of construction management is known as a construction management contract. Such a contract is formal in nature and is based upon certain duties and obligations which must be fulfilled by the involved parties.

Sample Construction management contract:

This contract is made effective on the date: 25th June, 2012

And shall remain in effect till 25th November, 2012 which is a time period of 5 months.

This contract is made between the following two parties:

Mr. Kelly George, who is herein referred to as the OWNER of the construction site and resides at t-9, Second floor, Riverside Lane, London


Mr. Fred Washington, who is herein referred to as the MANAGER of the construction site and is based at 67-HJ, Pali Street, London

The Address of the construction site:


Greg Road


This contract makes both the parties commendable under law to abide by the terms and conditions which are given as follows:

  • The OWNER shall see to the fact that the MANAGER is given a full site inspection before the starting of the construction work.
  • The OWNER shall pay the MANAGER an amount of $3000 for the effective term of contract.
  • The MANAGER will be responsible for managing the equipments, materials, construction workers and all other minute works of the construction site.
  • The MANAGER will have the right to terminate the contract if any other party is given the construction manager work.


Kelly George                 Fred Washington

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