A construction maintenance contract is used as the official evidence between a property owner and the construction maintenance contractor who provide maintenance services to the construction. These types of contracts include the details of the parties involved, details of the construction site and other terms and conditions which are agreed between both the parties.

Sample Construction Maintenance Contract:

Construction Maintenance contract Number: 34/ SC

This construction maintenance contract is entered by and between Mr. Addy Williams, hereinafter known as the Client, AND, Mr. Adam Wilson, hereinafter referred as the construction maintenance contractor.

Permanent address details of the parties are as follows


  • The Client

Address:  #72, City Oak, MA, USA

Phone: 789 654 1221

  • The construction maintenance contractor

Address: House no. 24, City Oak Drive , MA , USA

Phone: 712 342 7684

Address where construction maintenance work is to be taken care of:

736, South Building,

Street Avenue,


This contract is commencing on December 10th, 2011 and is ending on April 10th, 2012.

Hereby, to obey the maintenance contract, following mentioned are the conditions:

  • Payment:

Contractor will receive an amount of $ 12000 from the client, as the construction maintenance fee.

  • Obligations & Responsibilities:

The contractor has to take care of all the construction and maintenance activities as per the given construction plan and within the stipulated construction deadlines.

Hence, both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Signature of the Client:

Mr. Addy Williams

Singed by the Contractor:

Mr. Adam WilsonRay

Signature of the Witness:

Abraham Jones

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