The construction contract agreement is a legal document between two entities who have agreed to enter into the work of construction. This contract clearly mentions all the terms and conditions which are agreed by the parties.

Sample Construction Contract Agreement:

The agreement has made on 21st October, 2010 between John Woo (the Contractor) whose office address is:

Ivory Park, Kentucky,

LA 98765


Jack Hu (the Owner) of the property being constructed at:

Jamie Park, Kentucky,

LA 99567

The owner employs the Contractor to provide the construction material and also supervise the construction of the ‘site’ at a total cost of $3 million.

The Contractor needs to begin the construction work in a month’s time from 20th November and complete the work within a stipulated time period of 2 years.

The Contractor also needs to abide by the following rules and regulation:

1. The Contractor will agree to guard the Owner from any issues raised by laborers for non payments. The contractor also needs to protect the work from any sort of damage. In case of any damage, he needs to cover the losses.

2. The Contractor needs to take precautions to protect all workers from any sort of injury.

3. The conduct of the Contractor should be professional and should stick to the wishes of the Owner in terms of work schedule.

4. The Contractor can’t assign the project to another person without the written permission of the Owner.

5. The Contractor should not make any changes in design without the Owner’s authorization.

The construction will take place as per the laws of the state of LA.

This agreement has been agreed upon by both the Owner and the Contractor.

CONTRACTOR:                                                            OWNER

John Woo                                                                     Jack Hu

NAME                                                                        NAME

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