Consequences of breaking employment contract can be very severe for the parties who signed the contract. A contract of employment is a legal agreement between an employee and the employer. A breach of such a contract happens when either the employee or employer breaks a condition. If the employer does not give wages or the employee do not slog the agreed hours in the contract it gets terminated.

Not all the conditions of a contract are written down. A breach can be of a verbally decided term or a written down term of a contract. An income has special protection and in certain situations the employer can be prevented from taking away money out of the payment even if that isn’t breaching the agreement. If the employer suffers a monetary loss due to a breach, they can make a complaint for harm against the employee.

He would normally apply to a county court for a breach of agreement claim. The only method an employer would make a formal application to an Employment Court is in response to a breaking of contract claim made by the employee.

Compensations are only given for financial loss. For instance, if the employee does not provide sufficient notice the company could make a claim for damages due to the extra price of hiring staff to do that work. The employee would get the right to salaries he earned prior to leaving plus pay for unclaimed statutory leave.

The most general breaches of contract are when one quits without giving notice.

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