A contract or a legally binding document which is made by and between two parties who agree to keep the terms or details of either the contract or any other entity undisclosed is known as a confidentiality policy contract. Any such contract is based upon certain clauses or terms and conditions that are mutually decided and agreed upon by the involved parties.

A confidentiality policy contract can be formed between business parties, employer and employee or any other two parties. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality policy contract that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Confidentiality Policy Contract:

This confidentiality policy contract has been formed by and between PARTY 1 and PARTY 2.

PARTY 1 is the manufacturer of stationary items and PARTY 2 owns a stationary shop in London

Commencement date of contract: 30th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 30th Nov 2012

Effective period: 6 months

Details of PARTY 1:

Name: Pix stationary

Address: 1-90, macro polo street, London

Contact number: 43094354035

Representative name: Bill Henderson

Details of PARTY 2:

Name: Jackson Store

Official address: Q2, ground floor, Jamie Street, London

Contact number: 43897409304

Representative name: Fred Jackson

Terms and conditions of the contract are as follows

  • PARTY 1 agrees to sell stationary products to PARTY 2 at a discounted rate of 15% for orders above the value of $500.
  • PARTY 1 has a confidentiality policy about the discounts and offers and PARTY 2 is not allowed to disclose any confidential information about PARTY 1 or about the discounts that it offers to clients.
  • PARTY 2, if found to share the confidential information with another person or party shall be forced to face legal implications and the contract shall terminate.
  • Both parties must abide by the terms of this contract.


Bill Henderson

Fred Jackson

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