A confidentiality disclosure contract is a formal document which is framed or drafted in the case when a person or a party authorizes another person or party to keep certain information confidential or undisclosed for certain duration of time or forever. Any such contract consists of legally binding terms and conditions which have to be agreed upon by both the parties involved in the contract.

The main clause of such a contract is to keep the information confidential and not to be shared with any third party or person. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality disclosure contract that can be used for reference purpose by any person.

Sample Confidentiality Disclosure Contract:

The following confidentiality disclosure contract has been made by and between the COMPANY 1 and the COMPANY 2 both of which are engaged in a business deal.

Commencement date of contract: 12th June 2012

Termination date of contract: 12th June 2013

Effective period: 12 months

Details of COMPANY 1:

Name of company: Gregson international

Official address: A-45, Fredrick road, London

Contact number: 43904705340

Representative name: Mr. Tim Mathews

Details of COMPANY 2:

Name of company: Sarah Joseph Incorporation

Official address: Q-4, second floor, Marco street, London

Contact number: 438974035

Representative name: Sarah Markson

COMPANY 1 shall be supplying bed sheets to COMPANY 2 for 12 months

Terms and conditions:

  • COMPANY 1 agrees to supply bed sheets on order basis to COMPANY 2 for the entire duration of the contract.
  • COMPANY 2 agrees to buy and pay COMPANY 2 for the supplied bed sheets.
  • Both the parties agree to keep details of the business deal and about the monetary transactions undisclosed and confidential.
  • If any party shares the information with any third party, then the contract shall terminate and legal action shall be taken against that party.


Sarah Markson

Tim Mathews

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