A confidentiality contract template is a ready to use official document, which is being commenced between the two interested parties for initiating a new business relationship, hiring services and in case of employment, etc. Such a contract consists of the confidentiality clause to prevent the leakage of the highly sensitive information.

Sample Confidentiality Contract Template:

Contract number: ___________ [registration number]

Date: ____/_____/_____ [registration date]

This __________ [confidentiality contract name] is made & entered between:

Details of the Client Company:

Name of the company: ___________________

Address: _____________ [put official address]

Details of the Supplier Company:

Name: __________________________________

Address: _______________________________

Contact number: _________________________ [provide the required details]

The client company is seeking to purchase the raw material from the supplier company, whereas the supplier company is ready to sell the raw material at offered prices.

This contract is commencing from __/___/__ and is terminating on ___/___/___ [give the effective dates]

Considerations & covenants:

Duties & Obligations:

The Supplier Company will send the requested raw material for manufacturing electric machines on time.

Payment Clause:

The client company will pay the committed amount of $ ________ [amount in the local currency] on the ________ [committed date] of every month, whereas ___% of payment will be done in advance, and the rest will be paid after receiving the delivery of the raw material.

Confidentiality Term:

Both the parties will keep the information of this business totally confidential and any kind of leakage of the sensitive information out to the third party will be counted as a legal offence. For this, the guilty party will pay $ _____ [local currency payment] to the alleging party.


If any kind of violation is recorded to the above mentioned term & conditions, this contract will be dissolved.

Acceptance of the ____________ [confidentiality contract name]:

Client Company:                                                                     Supplier Company:

___________ [signed by the concerned person]               ____________ [signed by the authorized person]

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