A confidentiality contract letter refers to a letter which an entity writes to another party with whom he/ she has signed or is going to sign a confidentiality contract. A confidentiality contract is a contract which is signed when two or more entities making a deal are restricted from sharing the details of the contract or a certain piece of information. The sample letter provided below is a letter written by a research firm to its employees discussing the clauses of the confidentiality contract with them.

Sample Confidentiality Contract Letter


Ms. Mary Winston

House No. 35,

Kenny Lane,

Williamsburg, New Jersey,


25th February, 2012.

Subject: The signing of a confidentiality contract.

Ms. Mary

This letter is being sent to all the employees working on the formula of the drug for hair growth. The employees working on this formula have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement as per the requirements of the firm for which is funding the research.

We would like to discuss the following terms of the contract with you:

  • Any information discovered in the interim of working on this formula is the property of the funding firm, whether related to the formula or not. Hence no information must be shared with a third party outside the official team.
  • You are restricted from making any formal statements on the progress without the consent of the management.

You are kindly requested to sign this letter and send back to the department as your approval to the confidentiality contract.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Roy Basin

Chief Research Engineer

M/s Fowler Research Group

New Jersey,


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