A confidentiality contract form is a form which can be used as a confidentiality contract example for reference purpose by anyone who is not sure about the format or details to be used in a confidentiality contract. These contracts are known as confidentiality contracts because it is compulsory for the parties to keep the details of the contract confidential and undisclosed from any third party or individual.

Sample Confidentiality Contract Form:

This confidentiality contract has been made effective as on 4th Feb. 2012 and the date of termination of this contract is 4th Feb. 2013 which is 12 months from the effective date.

The contract has been made by and between Mr. Hugo Reynolds who is herein referred to as the CLIENT and Mr. Albert Hemingway who is herein referred to as the COMPANY.

The COMPANY agrees to supply wooden furniture pieces to the CLIENT as decided mutually.

Details of COMPANY

Official Address: R-345, main square tower, LA

Contact number: 4779348479904

Details of CLIENT

Official Address: 10-t, Potter’s enclave, LA

Contact number: 473070204044

Details of contract:

The COMPANY shall be paid an amount equivalent to the worth of the furniture pieces and the total amount must exceed a sum of $2000 each month.

Terms and conditions:

  • The COMPANY agrees to supply fine wooden pieces and antique furniture to the CLIENT in return for a sum of $2000 or more each month.
  • The terms of this contract must be kept confidential and undisclosed by the parties.
  • The contract shall terminate if any of the parties is found to be sharing information relating to this contract with any third party.

Signatures of the parties:

Hugo Reynolds

Albert Hemingway

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