A confidentiality contract example is an example of an actual confidentiality contract which is formed between two or more than two parties when they agree upon a certain business deal, agreement or exchange based upon certain confidential terms and conditions. A contract of this form basically makes it obligatory for the parties to keep the details of the deal under wraps and undisclosed from any third party or person. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality contract example.

Sample Confidentiality Contract Example:

This confidentiality contract has been made effective as on 23rd March 2012 and shall remain into effect for 12 months from this date.

The contract has been made by and between Mr. Osaka Peter who is herein referred to as the PARTNER 1 and Mr. Tom Young who is herein referred to as the PARTNER 2.

Details of PARTNER 1

Address: 56-h, first floor, Martin’s building, London

Contact number: 473094730940

Details of PARTNER 2

Address: R-90, second floor, Matt square tower, London

Contact number: 4730947040403

Details of contract:

The PARTNER 1 and PARTNER 2 agree to have a business partnership for a period of 12 months wherein they shall share all information related to finances, accounts etc.

Terms and conditions:

  • The PARTNER 1 agrees to handle and manage the business operations related to sales, marketing, distribution etc.
  • PARTNER 2 agrees to handle and manage staff operations, business relations, finances and accounts.
  • Both partners agree to keep the details of this contract undisclosed and confidential.

Signatures of the parties:

Tom Young

Osaka Peter

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