A confidentiality agreement employment contract is a formal contract or agreement which is formed between an employee and a company or organization in the case when the company wants the employee to keep all the important details of employment contract confidential.

These contracts make it obligatory for the employees to not to disclose any details of the company to any third party or person for the duration of the contract or effective period of agreement. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality agreement employment contract that can be taken into use by any person who wants a reference sample or example.

Sample Confidentiality Agreement Employment Contract:

This confidentiality agreement employment contract has been made as on 20th Oct 2012

Termination date of agreement: 20th Oct 2013

Effective period of agreement: 12 months

This confidentiality agreement has been made by and between the parties with the following given details:


Name: Kim Carrey

Residential address: D-56, martin’s street, F block, West end, London

Mobile number: 43874095405

Job position in company: junior accountant

Department name: accounts department

Date of joining: 18th Oct 2012


Company name: Darwin West solutions

MD Name: Kate Winslet

Contact number: 4837409540

Official address of head office: D-23, first floor, Potter’s tower, London

Terms and conditions of agreement:

  • The EMPLOYEE is bound not to reveal or disclose any information or details of the employment contract or about the company to anyone outside the company.
  • The EMPLOYEE must not talk about his salary and benefits given by the company to her with any third party or person until the agreement term expires.
  • As per this agreement, the EMPLOYEE’s employment contract shall be terminated if she reveals or discloses any important confidential information to anyone.
  • The EMPLOYER is bound to keep the EMPLOYEE hired in the company for the duration of this agreement.


Kate Winslet

Kim Carrey

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