A computer service contract is contract document issued by the computer service company to the client. It states the details of the client as well as the account of service provided. Any breach in following the terms of the contract can lead to legal implications.

Sample Computer Service Contract

Unique computer solutions is a New York based service provider company which deals in selling and replacing computer parts as well as servicing and fixing damages in computer parts.

Client Information:

Name: Ms. Kylie Wood

Address: 32, TW west, New York

Phone: 493849035957

Equipment Details:

Equipment: HP desktop

Cost of Servicing: $100

Estimated time: 3 working days

Payment mode: Cash

Contract number: 356A

Service Location: Workstation

Terms and conditions:

  1. The client agrees to be responsible for transferring and picking the equipment from the workstation himself.
  2. In case of on-site servicing, the client must provide the maintenance and required help.
  3. The service provider will be responsible for any kind of misuse, theft or neglect of the equipment.
  4. The company will respond to calls of queries or complaints on immediate basis and take necessary actions within 48 hours.
  5. The company will be in a position to cancel the agreement if the client hires any other service provider for the service of the equipment mentioned.
  6. The company shall carry out the service only at hours that are suitable to the client.
  7. The company shall take care of keeping the equipment in good condition as long as it is in their area of work.

The parties involved hereby agree and accept:

Kylie Wood               Henry Geri

(Client)                     (Unique computers)

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