A computer repair contract is a document made by the computer repair company which is issued to the client/user. It gives the terms and conditions of the contract and is signed by the parties involved so as to show their consent.

Sample Computer Repair Contract

Raymond computer repair works

45 Bridge lanes, CA


Raymond computer repair works is a company dedicated to dealing with problems related to computer parts and other equipments.

Client Information:

Name: Mr. David Herd

Address: 12, west colony, CA

Phone: 493849989080

Email: herd.david@gmail.com

Query: Printer abnormal functioning

Computer Part Details:

Equipment: HP laser jet printer

Cost of Repair: $ 110

Estimated time: 4 working days excluding Sundays

Payment mode: Credit Card

Contract number: 378-T

Repair Location: Workstation

Terms and conditions:

  1. The company will provide transporting of equipment service to the client for a cost included in the payment.
  2. The service provider will be held responsible and payable for any of misuse or theft from the workstation.
  3. The company must respond to all complaints in the minimum possible time.
  4. The client shall not hire servicing facility from any other service provider during the period of the contract. The company shall have a right to cancel the contract in such a case.
  5. The company shall provide free of cost repair of minor problems every 6 months.
  6. The company shall keep the equipment free of any alterations, adjustments or unnecessary repair without consent from the client.

The client and service provider hereby agree to the terms and conditions:

David Herd                Raymond Mills

(Client)                      (Raymond computers)

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