A computer maintenance contract is a contract between a Computer maintenance Company and the client and is based on certain terms. It also specifies the contact, payment and other details which are important for future reference.

Sample computer maintenance Contract

Krypton computers is a company that provides repair, maintenance of computer and also replaces and installs computer parts as per the need of the client.

This contract agrees on an agreement made between krypton and the undersigned client:

Client Data:

Name: Ms. Sarah Jacob

Address: 2, Inc Road, West New York

Phone: 437984789367

Effective Date of commencement: 1’Th November, 2010

Duration of contract: 12 months

Payment details:

Payment shall be done in cash at the expiration of the contract but a security deposit amount of $100 shall be paid in advance.

A payment of $250 should be made in total.

Terms and conditions to be followed:

  • The company must respond as soon as possible to any complaints by the client.
  • The company must fix the complaint within 48 hours of complaint call.
  • The company must make monthly enquiry calls to the client confirming the right functioning of the computer and its other parts.
  • The client must be responsible for depositing and collecting any part that has to be repaired at the workstation.
  • The company must keep the part in good condition while it is at the workstation. It must be kept away from misuse or damage.

The company and the client agree to the contract details:

Sarah Jacob                         John Hash

(Client)                               (Krypton computers)

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