A computer consulting contract is a legal agreement which abides a computer consulting firm and the company for various works related to computer. This agreement states general terms of consulting charges, termination, payment terms etc. The contract only comes into existence after approval of both parties.

Sample Computer Consulting Contract.

This computer consulting contract is entered into this 25TH December, 2010 by & between Hughes Computer consulting services herein as a computer consulting firm & Micros Inc. referred as a Company.


Whereas the company Micros Inc. is in need of assistance in computing field and the Hughes Computer Consulting Services is willing to provide consultation & other related activities in computer area as directed by Micros Inc. (Company)

Now, henceforth both the parties agree hereby to the following terms and condition:

  • Hughes Computer Consulting shall be available and provide the Company, Micros Inc. a professional consulting in the area of computer as specified in the contract.
  • Hughes Computer Consulting shall furnish the company Micros Inc. the best guidance, information and knowledge accordingly.
  • Under this contract a Company, Micros Inc. shall pay Hughes Computer Consulting at the per the industry standards and on hourly basis approximately $80 billed on the 10th of each month.
  • Hughes Computer Consulting shall submit all necessary reports and document performed during consultation every 15 days describing brief detailing of the consulting rendered.
  • Expenses which has incurred additionally shall be reimbursed under the written consent and after submitting the bills of the same.
  • Hughes Computing Consulting shall abide by all the rules and regulation keeping the confidentiality intact of the company Micros Inc.
  • The contract shall be commenced on 29th December 2010 and shall be terminated on 20th June 2011, the company Micros Inc. may as an option consider in renewing the contract on the same terms and conditions.

Therefore, both the parties mutually agree to bound legally into this contract:

Company: Micros Inc.

Consulting firm: Hughes Computer Consulting

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