A company secretary training contract is a written document which is framed when a company offers or agrees to provide secretary training to an individual who seems to be a probable choice for the job of a secretary for the company. These contracts consist of certain terms and conditions which have to be mutually agreed upon by the involved parties. Given below is a sample of a company secretary training contract:

Sample Company Secretary Training Contract:

Effective date of contract commencement: 4th July

Length of contract: 3 months from commencement date

This company secretary training contract has been entered into by


Name: Mr. Bill White (TRAINER for secretary training)

Contact number: 463470934094

Office address: 234-h, second floor, Markson square, London



Name: Miss. Sophie Reynolds

Contact number: 4702948747949

Residential address: F-34, 10th floor, Polo Tower, London


The TRAINER shall be providing training to the TRAINEE so as to teach her and help here build her secretary work skills.

Timings of training: 8 am to 12 pm

Days of training: Monday to Saturday

Following mentioned are the covenants and conditions for both the parties:

  • Obligations:
  • The TRAINER agrees to the fact that the training is being provided on the behest of the COMPANY and at its expense.
  • The TRAINEE must be present on all the days of training without fail and must inform the COMPANY in case of any absence.
  • The COMPANY is in the position to terminate the contract in case of any misconduct on the part of the TRAINEE.

Signatures of the parties:

Bill White

Sophie Reynolds

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