A company partnership contract is a legal document which is drafted when two or more individuals enter into a partnership to start a new company with the motive of earning profit. The contract mentions various details like the amount of capital to be brought in and investments to be made by both the parties. The contract also includes the details of the partners and other terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Company Partnership Contract

Company Partnership Contract Number: CP 3498

Effective date of contract: 20th of October 2011

This company partnership contract has been drafted and entered by and between Henry Lee referred to as partner 1 and John Smith referred to as partner 2 where in both the parties have agreed to enter into a business relationship in the form of a partnership by forming a company by the name of  Clothes Manufacturers Limited.

Details of partner 1:

Residential address: 45 Tango Charlie Road,

New York, New Jersey 5678

Telephone number: 67890

Mobile number: 98760

Details of partner 2:

Residential address: 56 Henry Cooper Road,

New York, New Jersey 5667

Telephone number: 67856

Mobile number: 98789

The company will be specializing in manufacturing garments and will be located at the following address:

345 Aspen High Road,

New York, New Jersey 5689.

Both the partners agree to bring in equal amount of capital that is $400000. The profit earned or losses incurred from the company will be shared by the partners in an equal percentage. The contract is valid till it is terminated by either of the partners.


Henry Lee

John Smith

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