Common law relationships are those when two people live together as unmarried couples and thus a common law separation contract applies to these couples when one or both the partners separate. This contract explains the terms, rights and responsibilities when such a condition arises.

Sample common law separation contract:

Canadian Trial Court

The common law separation contract is made between Don Kenny residing in 2050 Bamako Place, Washington DC, 20521 and Allen Bresnon residing in 4309 S Mailstreet, Chicago, Illinois, 60609.

The couple has been living together since 14th Feb 2004.

The couple last lived together on 4th Apr 2009.

The couple have not got married, but under the Canadian law, if the couple has been staying together for more than 2 years, then their rights and responsibilities will be same as that of a married couple.

No children were born to the couple in their years of living together.

Terms of the common law separation contract

The partners hereby agree to the following:

  • Effective date of separation stands at 2nd May 2009.
  • Neither party holds any interest in real estate.
  • Allen Bresnon would be provided financial support through payment of alimony by Don Kenny because the same law applies to the married couples when separated.
  • Don Kenny shall have full right, title and interest in the bank account: 467543879823
  • Allen Bresnon shall have full right, title and interest in the bank account: 765807689523.
  • For all other cases, the law that applies to common law relationships will hold good.

Signature of the partners: Don Kenny and Allen Bresnon

Date: 1st May 2009

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