Every person who owns a fleet of commercial vehicles such as Lorries, school buses, private buses etc. may not have the time and the expertise to handle the maintenance once singlehandedly and hence a service provider has to be hired for commercial vehicle maintenance.

In such situations, a commercial vehicle maintenance contract is signed which authorizes the service provider to provide vehicle maintenance services to the client and authorizes the client to make the due payment on time. Such contracts are formed to safeguard the rights of both the parties and make the discussion between them mutually viable.

A commercial vehicle maintenance contract is a written document that must record all the details of the vehicle maintenance clearly and in detail. For example, the contract must state the details such as names, addresses and phone numbers of the client as well as that of the service provider and should also give the various maintenance duties or tasks which the service provider must fulfill as long as the contract remains effective.

For this purpose, the commencement and termination date of the contract should also be given in the contract document. In the payment details, the amount as well as the method of payment must come.

Sample Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Contract:


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