A commercial vehicle contract is commenced between the commercial vehicle agency and the renter party (organization/ individual) in which the duration of the contract, official commitments and covenants for payment are discussed.

Sample Commercial Vehicle Contract:

Vehicle contract number: 890VH

Date: November 30th, 2010

This commercial vehicle contract is entered between Martha Travel agency, located at: Office Number: 56, New Hills Road, Bakers Street, New York, America, Contact Number: 6897 585 5759, hereinafter referred as the vehicle agency.


Rainbow Companies Pvt. ltd, Address: Flat No: 67/ L, Wing- D, Spencer Road, New York, America Phone Number: 8907 585 4739, hereinafter refereed as vehicle lessee.

Details of the vehicle required:

Name of the vehicle required: Ford Fiesta

License for all vehicles: Available

Number of vehicles required: 10

This contract is starting from December 1st, 2010 and is terminating on December 1st, 2011.

Underneath mentioned are the term & conditions for both the parties to survive this contract:

Payment clause:

The vehicle lessee has already paid $ 5670 to the vehicle agency and the monthly rent of $ 45670 will be paid on 7th of every month.

Obligations & duties:

The vehicle agency will provide the registration and license along with every vehicle and the vehicle lessee will pay the committed amount on time and will use the vehicle for the commercial purpose only.


The termination clause can be true in case of any official and legitimate conflict. In this situation, the vehicle agency will refund the full payment and the vehicle lessee will pay more than 35% of the total payment to the alleging party.

Hence, both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Singed by the Vehicle Agency:

Linda Smith

Singed by the vehicle lessee:

Eva Simpson

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