A commercial tenancy contract is a legal document which is framed when an owner of any commercial property agrees to rent the property to the tenant for a fixed period of time and in return for a certain rental charge. The contract is based upon a set of terms and conditions which bind the parties together on mutual understanding basis.

Sample Commercial Tenancy Contract:

Commercial Tenancy Contract

Download Commercial Tenancy Contract

This contract has been made effective on the date: 2nd Oct 2011

This contract has been made by and between Mr. Jack Dawson who is the owner or the LESSOR of the commercial property and Mr. Paul Aniston who is the TENANT of the commercial property.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: 1-O, first floor, Pearls estate, LA

Contact number: 477809240440


Residential Address: A-2, third floor, Kell road, LA

Contact number: 479380403043

Commercial property details:

USE: official purpose.

Address: 1-f, second floor, Upper link road, LA

The space consists of an office with 4 cabins and a lobby.

The TENANT agrees to rent the commercial property for 12 months

The rental charge for one month: $7000

Total rent for 12 months: $84000

Termination date: 2nd Oct 2012

Terms and conditions:

  • The TENANT must make the payment on time to avoid late compensation charges
  • The TENANT shall be provided with electricity, water supply and internet access for the entire duration of contract.
  • The TENANT must pay for all kinds of maintenances charges during period of contract
  • The LESSOR holds right to inspect property at any time of contract.


Jack Dawson

Paul Aniston

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