A commercial service contract is commenced between an interested organization and a service provider company in order to employ certain services required to comply with the corporate & government regulation. Such a contract is prepared in case of hiring commercial cleanliness & sanitation services, catering, printing and many others services.

Sample Commercial Service Contract:

Contract number: 345/ CSC

Date: February 13th, 2011

This commercial service contract is made & registered between White Lily Group of companies Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 23, 5th floor, Spencer Plaza, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter called as the client organization.


Harbour Sanitation Service Providers Pvt. Ltd, Address: office No: 2, Arcade Society, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter called as the service provider party.

Whereas, the service provider party is willing to serve the client organization with its quality sanitation services and the client organization is interested in hiring the services of the service provider party for the commercial purpose.

This contract is effective from February 16th, 2011 and is ending on February 16th, 2012.

Term & Conditions:

Obligations of the Service provider party:

The service provider party is agreed to use high quality sanitation material for cleaning the office premises by following all regulations.

Responsibility of the client organization:

The client organization will pay $ 3400 for the overall office premises cleanliness services and will pay $ 1000 for sanitation material once in two months. Any kind of breakage during sanitation procedure will be deducted from the monthly payment.

Termination Clause:

Any kind of unsettled dispute can cause the termination of the contract.

Acceptance of the commercial service contract:

Client Organization:                                                               Service Provider Party:

Emma Watson                                                                        Linda Jonson

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