A commercial rental lease is a type of a lease arrangement which is made to rent out a commercial property.  When two parties agree to mutually decide on a commercial rental lease, then they may decide to enter into an agreement or contract which is known as a commercial rental lease contract. A commercial rental lease contract is a formal arrangement which is framed in order to formalize the commercial rental procedure between the involved parties. The contract is a legally enforceable document which means that if any of the terms are violated, then the party at fault has to face legal implications.

A commercial rental lease contract is designed in such a way that all the situations and their consequences are covered in the part of the terms and conditions.  The terms and conditions must also define the roles and responsibilities of the parties. The contract should also include the commencement date of contract, termination date of contract and the total effective length of the contract.  The document should give the total rental payment for the commercial property and the date on which it is to be paid. The contract must be signed by the involved parties at the end.

Sample Commercial Rental Lease Contract:

Commercial Rental Lease Contract




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