A commercial real estate purchase contract is a document signed by the owner and the purchaser of the commercial real estate. The document consists of various terms and conditions of the deal along with the sale price details.

Sample Commercial Real estate Purchase Contract:

This agreement is made between the following two parties:

Name: Ms. Lily Mack herein called the SELLER

Business: real estate property

Address of business: F-6, 2’nd floor, Greg square, Atlanta

Phone: 474709849590


Name: Mr. Greg white herein called the BUYER

Phone: 470938487970

Address: 45-H, downtown, Atlanta


Date: 19’Th October, 2010

Effective date of possession shall be 1’st November, 2010

The property is for commercial usage and is located at

Property address: 5-hill road, Atlanta

Area: 2000 esq.

Total cost: $3000 to be divided as the following

The cash down payment to be deposited one week before the commencement of possession. Cash down amount: $1200

The other part of the cost will be paid on monthly installment basis.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The buyer agrees to purchase the property mentioned at the agreed price and the seller agrees to sell his property to the buyer.
  2. The buyer would have to pay the installments on the first of every month and within the first week to avoid any late payment charges.
  3. The title of the land and the ownership remains with the seller as the payment is done through installments.
  4. The buyer agrees to take utmost care to keep the property in good condition.


Lily Mack (seller)           Greg White (buyer)

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