A commercial real estate is a type of a property which is to be used only for commercial purpose. When a commercial real estate property is put on lease then the contract that is formed between the lessor and the lessee is known as a commercial real estate lease contract. Such a contract is used to seal all the points of lease that are mutually agreed and discussed between the involved parties. The main purpose of forming these contracts is to protect the rights of both of the lessor and the lessee and to safeguard them against fraud.

A commercial real estate lease contract is a contract which is legal in nature. This means that the law makes it mandatory for the parties to follow the terms and these terms cannot be breached. A commercial real estate lease contract must mention the time period for which the lease will remain effective and the lease payment which lessee will have to make to the lessor on a monthly basis.  The contract should clearly specify what the roles of each of the parties will be during the contract and must also give the things which the parties are not allowed to do.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract :

Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract

Download Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract 


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