Whenever a commercial property owner/ constructor sell a respective commercial property, they need to sign a contract to certify the sale. Such documents are referred to as commercial property sale contract. The contract records the details of the property and the parties involved in the arrangement. The contract must be prepared as per a certain format, a sample of the contract has been provided below for convenience.

Sample Commercial Property Sale Contract

This contract is being entered between Masterson & Henderson Constructors and Developers; and Mr. James Hedrick as on the 7th day of February, 2012.

The contract certifies the sale of a commercial property, and that the ownership is transferred to the buyer as on 7th February, 2012. The sale has been made at the price negotiated between the two parties. All the dues in reference to this sale have been cleared.

Details of the Seller:

Business Name: Masterson & Henderson Constructors and Developers

Authorized Personnel: Ms. Katherine Jackson

Position: Sales Coordinator

Contact No.: 392-49-923

Official Address: Plot No.5, St. James Lane, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Buyer:

Name: Mr. James Hedrick

Contact No.: 392-45-234

Correspondence Address: Plot No.45, St. Mathews Apartments, Pennsylvania, USA.

Purpose of Purchase: the property is being purchased to startup a new business which is a franchise of the consumer sales firm.

Details of the commercial property:

Property Type: Commercial

Address: Shop/ Hall No. 24, Second Floor, Hank Commercial Plaza, Southern Block, Pennsylvania, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

The contract is legally binding, thus giving either party the right to seek legal assistance in case of a default/ violation.


_________________________ (Ms. Katherine Jackson)

_________________________ (Mr. James Hedrick)

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