When any organization or person wants any event to be exhaustively photographed by a photographer, then both the parties sign a commercial photography contract, in accordance to terms and conditions approved by both.

Sample Commercial Photography Contract

Commercial Photography Contract Number: 634 / P

This commercial photography contract is entered between

Company – Wulfrick Brian Private Limited

Photographing Company- Fotografy Colours Private Limited

Date: 25th November, 2010.

Under the commercial photography contract, the company Fotografy Colours Private Limited has agreed to photograph an event of the Wulfrick Brian Private Limited. Whereas the latter organization has agreed to abide by the terms of deposit listed in the contract.

This commercial photography contract will be for 2nd and 3rd December 2010, from 6 – 11pm.

The subsequent terms and conditions were compiled with the approval of both the parties:

Terms of Payment:

The hourly fee of a photographer is 50$. Other than that, service charges and miscellaneous charges would also be borne by the hiring company.

Obligations of the Renter:

If any harm occurs to the photography equipment like the camera, lights then the reinstatement payment will be remunerated by the renter.


If any party fails to abide by the terms and conditions of this contract, then this contract will be dissolved.

Hereby, both the parties will concede to the Commercial Photography Contract:

Signature of the Company – Wulfrick Brian Private Limited

Signature of the Photographing Company- Fotografy Colours Private Limited

Witness: James Black (for Wulfrick Brian Private Limited) and

Clara White (for Fotografy Colours Private Limited).

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