A commercial month to month lease contract is a written formal document which is made between a commercial property owner and a person or party who agrees to use the property for a month’s time. Such contracts are legally binding document as the terms and conditions given in contract can lead to legal implications if violated.

Sample Commercial Month To Month Lease Contract

Commercial Month To Month Lease Contract

Download Commercial Month To Month Lease Contract

This contract has been made effective on the effective date 1St Sep 2011 and shall remain into effect for 1 month.

Termination date of contract: 1st Oct 2011

The following are the details of the involved parties:


Name: Mr. Adam Lawson

Address: 12-H, Greg building, London

Contact number: 464924792403


Name: Mr. Paul Mathews

Address: A9-8, second floor, Roberto tower, London

contact number: 470284093480

Commercial Property details:

Address: 2-J, ground floor, Petersburg, London

This property is being leased for 1 month only for commercial use and purpose to the LESSEE by the LESSOR.

Cost per month: $14000

The following are the obligations which must be fulfilled by both the involved parties:

  • The LESSOR must provide the property in a well maintained manner and in neat and clean state.
  • The LESSEE must pay the rental cost within the first week and can renew the contract in the last week of the duration of contract.
  • The LESSEE must use the property only for commercial purpose and in case of termination of contract; he must vacate the place on the eve of the termination date.

Signatures of the parties:

Adam Lawson

Paul Mathews

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