A commercial lawn is that kind of a lawn which is used for commercial purpose and not for personal use. These types of lawns often need professional care and servicing and for this, lawn owners may hire lawn service providers. The lawn service providers and lawn owners may choose to enter into a formal and legally binding arrangement which is known as a commercial lawn service contract. Such contracts are useful for both parties since the possibility of cheating or fraud is reduced due to the legal nature of such contracts. To know more about commercial lawn service contracts, you can go through the following information:

  • A commercial lawn service contract defines clearly what the lawn service provider is expected to do and what all services are to be performed.
  • Such a contract must mention the personal details of the service provider as well as the client. These details mostly include their full names, full addresses as well as their contact numbers.
  • The contract must also give the exact amount which the client will pay to the service provider for the services.
  • The contract should also mention the total effective period of the service and the terms and conditions.

Sample Commercial Lawn Service Contract:

Commercial Lawn Service Contract

Download Commercial Lawn Service Contract


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