Physical appearance of every commercial property is as important as the business performance. Thus many businesses nowadays hire professional landscapers on contractual basis. These documents which record this arrangement are referred to as commercial landscaping contracts. A sample of such a contract has been provided below and can be used by anyone in need.

Sample Commercial Landscaping Contract

Date of signing the contract: February 7th, 2012.

The contract is being signed between M/s Evergreen Landscapers Ltd. and Henry Fathom Enterprise.

The contract requires that the landscaping company maintains and manages the commercial property of the business owner. The landscaping of the area must be done as per the specifications of the owners of the commercial property.

Date of commencement of contract: 10th February, 2012

Date of expiry of contract: 10th February, 2013

Details of the Landscapers:

Authorized personnel: Chad McAdams

Position: Customer Coordinator

Contact No.: 382-48-292

Official Address: Plot No.-4, Hilton Plaza, Johannesburg, USA.

Details of the Business Firm:

Authorized Personnel: Ms. Rachel Michael Murray

Position: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 382-49-924

Official Address: 4th Avenue, Victoria Square, Johannesburg, United States of America.

Details/ Terms of the Contract:

  1. The landscapers must manage the property as per the specifications of the enterprise authorities.
  2. The landscapers must send detailed monthly bills to the commercial business, which must then make the payments within 24hrs.
  3. The business can stall the payment if the landscaping is not as per the specifications.
  4. The contract is legally binding, thus any violation of the terms of the contract is punishable by law.


_____________________________ (Mr. Chad McAdams)

_____________________________ (Ms. Rachel Michael Murray)

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