A commercial kitchen is a kitchen which is used for professional kitchen services and consists of all the equipments which are required in a professional cooking set up. A commercial kitchen rental contract is a contract which is formed between a commercial kitchen owner and a client who wishes to rent the kitchen for a certain period of time by paying a rent for the usage of the kitchen.

Such a contract is legal in nature and hence the terms and conditions of such a contract must not be violated by the involved parties. The following is a sample of one such commercial kitchen rental contract which can be used for reference.

Sample Commercial Kitchen Rental Contract

This commercial kitchen rental contract has been made on the effective date: 4th August, 2013

Termination date of contract: 7th August 2013

This contract has been made between the parties with the following given details:

Kitchen Owner:

Name: Mr. Richard Radcliff

Address of the kitchen: A-67, ground floor, Henry Street, London

Contact number: 48309895


Name: Sarah Marshall

Address: 3/l, T Street, London

Contact number: 48348932

Details of Kitchen Renting:

Dates of renting the kitchen: 6th and 7th August, 2013

Rent per day: $500

Total rent to be paid: $1000

Purpose of renting: Providing catering services for a wedding

Terms and Conditions of the Contract:

  • The KITCHEN OWNER agrees to rent the KITCHEN for commercial purpose to the CLIENT for the specified dates.
  • The CLIENT agrees to take care of the maintenance of the kitchen on the dates of usage and any damage done to the kitchen would be counted as his responsibility.
  • The CLIENT must return the kitchen in the exact manner as it will be presented to him.
  • Loss or theft of any of the equipments in the kitchen is the responsibility of the CLIENT.


Richard Radcliff

Sarah Marshall

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