A commercial interior design contract is a contract which is formed when a client hires an interior designer for his/her services, for a fixed period of time in return for a pre decided amount of payment. Such contracts are formed so that the interior designer can design a commercial setting such as an office or a showroom/shop etc under a legally binding document which entitles him a payment.  Any commercial interior design contract consists of certain terms and conditions which are obligatory for the parties to follow.

Sample Commercial Interior Design Contract

This contract has been formulated on the effective date of 23rd May 2013

Termination date of contract: 23rd November 2013

This contract has been formed between the DESIGNER and the CLIENT wherein the CLIENT has hired the DESIGNER for providing commercial interior designing services for the above said time period.

Designer Details:

Name: Lindy Mathews

Official address: A-78, frederson enclave, London

Phone number: 4387509503

Client Details:

Name : Timothy Jackson

Office Address: Q-67, second floor, Paulo tower, London

Phone number: 470397053

Details of Interior Designing:

The DESIGNER is supposed to design the interiors of the CLIENT’s office at the address mentioned above.

The DESIGNER shall be paid an amount of $1500 for all the services provided at the end of the contract term.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The DESIGNER agrees to design the interiors of the CLIENT’s office within 6 months time frame.
  • The CLIENT must trust the decision of the DESIGNER but is allowed to give his choices and preferences etc.
  • The DESIGNER must inform the CLIENT about the material requirements in advance so that the CLIENT can arrange them.
  • The CLIENT will make the entire payment at the end of the contract.


Timothy Jackson

Lindy Mathews

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