HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is a technology which provides vehicular and indoor environmental comfort.  Any contract which is formed between a commercial HVAC service provider and a client who uses the service of maintenance is known as a commercial HVAC maintenance contract.

Such contracts are formed in the case when the client wishes to use the maintenance services for vehicle or indoor heating and air conditioning equipments and hires a commercial HVAC expert for the purpose. These contracts are like service contracts which are time bound and are legally enforceable in nature.

Commercial HVAC maintenance contracts are extremely important and useful contracts for the parties involved as they ensure proper maintenance services for the client and the correct and timely payment for the service provider.

These contracts must be detailed enough to prove as reference materials for the future course of the contract and in the situation where resolving of dispute is needed. The contract must thus consist of information relating the clients, the effective dates of commencement and termination, the terms and conditions as well as the service cost which the client will be paying to the HVAC maintenance worker.

Sample Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contract:


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