A commercial fundraising contract is a legal document which is formed when a commercial organization or other company forms an agreement with a person to party to raise funds or help develop a charitable cause. Any such contract is used to put into writing the various terms and conditions based on which the parties mutually agree to the fundraising.

The fundraiser agrees to help the organization in collecting and raising money through such contracts. Given below is a sample of a commercial fundraising contract which can be used for reference purpose by any individual.

Sample Commercial Fundraising Contract:

This contract has been made effective as on 5th Oct 2012 and shall remain effective for a period of 12 months.

Termination date of the contract: 5th Oct 2013

The following parties are involved in this commercial fundraising contract


Name: Potter’s organization

MD name: Mr. Peter Parker

Mobile phone number: 4930984045

Address: D-6, 2nd floor, George tower, Birmingham


Name: Mr. Mathew Adams

Mobile phone number: 4309039505

Address: Q-56, second floor, Markson lane, London

Details of contract:

The FUNDRAISER owns a furnishings business and agrees to help the ORGANISATION in raising funds for a building a commercial area. The FUNDRAISER is bound in this contract for 12 months.

Terms and conditions of the contract are as follows.

  • The ORGANISATION agrees to let the FUNDRAISER raise funds for the commercial area construction on the basis of goodwill and social contacts.
  • The FUNDRAISER is not allowed to get involved in any kind of illegal activity for the purpose of raising funds.
  • The FUNDRAISER would organization 4 charitable events during the effective period in order to raise funds for the cause.
  • The ORGANISATION cannot pressurize the FUNDRAISER to raise more money than what is possible.

Signatures of the parties:

Peter Parker

Mathew Adams

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