Commercial contract is a piece of agreement between the owner of a property who is willing to sell it or give it as rent and another person who is interested to use that property for some commercial purposes. A commercial contract template is a ready to use documents and is also a legal piece of document that safeguards the interest of both the parties.

Sample Commercial Contract Template

Commercial Contract No.: ______________________________

This is a piece of legal agreement between ____________________________ (Name of the property owner) and ____________________________________________ (Name of the person who is taking lease, or buying it, or lending it) made on –/–/—- (Date on which the agreement is made).

As per the agreement, ____________________________ (Name of the property owner) have agreed to give to ____________________________________________ (Name of the person who is taking lease, or buying it, or lending it) the property located at ____________________________________________________________________________________________ (Address of the commercial space) for the purpose of ____________________________________ (Brief description of the type of business).

Following are the terms and conditions:

  • A monthly rent of USD ______ (Amount) needs to be paid by the tenant within _____ th (day) of every month.
  • The tenant is not supposed to do any other business apart from the one that is mentioned in this agreement.
  • The landlord will not charge for basic amenities like electricity and water supply.
  • For any damage, _______ %( mention the percentage) of the damage cost should be paid by the tenant.

Any violation of the above points from either ends will lead to the termination of this contract.

______________________                                                         ___________________

(Signature of the tenant)                                                              (Signature of the landlord)

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