A commercial contract agreement is a written set of details and terms and conditions which is drafted between two parties one of which is the owner of the commercial property and the other party is one which is hired on contract basis by the owner to pursue some kind of work. The terms and conditions of such agreements are legally binding for the involved parties.

Sample Commercial Contract Agreement

Commercial Contract Agreement

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This agreement has been made effective on the date: 1st March 2011

This agreement has been made by and between Mr. Brad Lawson who is the OWNER of the commercial property and Mr. Fred Mike who is the CONTRACTOR of the commercial property.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address1-G, Tim road, LA

Contact number: 47734804305


Address: C-6, Kell street, LA

Contact number: 479794739589

Commercial contract details:

Address: 1-H, Second floor, Marks tower, LA

The construction of the site shall be done on contract basis where the contractor of the construction company shall work with the architect to implement the plans and designs to make it into a commercial building.

Termination date of agreement:1st March 2013

Terms and conditions:

  • The contractor must ensure that all the work is done in accordance with the choices of the OWNER.
  • The OWNER must make the payment according to unit price of materials used at the end of construction.
  • The CONTRACTOR must ensure the safety of the workers and the fact that the construction is carried out according to the norms of the federal state.


Brad Lawson                        Fred Mike

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