A commercial Cleaning Contract is an agreement between parties that can be made compulsory for cleaning particular premises. It is a legal liability that must be carried out or be held legally responsible if the facilities agreed upon are not pleasingly done.

Sample Commercial Cleaning Contract

Commercial Cleaning contract number-24/7ab

Date of agreement- 22nd November 2010

The agreement is between Mr Joseph Geller of ABC Pvt Ltd. at New Chest shire, London.


Mr Mark Willis of PQR Cleaning Services, 29/2 East End Road, Burrbank

PQR Cleaning Services shall be paid an amount of 4000$ for every month of service provided.

The contract is valid from 22nd November 2010 till 23rd December 2012.

Either party may nullify or terminate this agreement within 10 days of signing it but with a written notice to the other party.

Details of the contract

This shall serve as a bond for the cleaning of the offices of ABC Pvt Ltd. located at New Chest shire, London.

PQR Cleaning Services shall provide cleaning facilities every 2 days per week.

Their services shall include services such as Empty bins, sweep dirty surfaces, Clean and sanitize, clean cleared surfaces of desks, filing cabinets, tables, chairs, and other office areas, clean restrooms with disinfectant.

They must also report unusual damages or breakdowns.

PQR Cleaning Services must provide all cleaning equipments required for the performance of these services. They will also supply with proof that they have held the necessary indemnity.


Mr. Mark Willis

PQR Cleaning Services, 29/2 East End Road, Burrbank

Mr. Joseph Geller

ABC Pvt Ltd.

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