A commercial brokerage contract is a written legal document which is framed when a brokerage firm helps a person or party to buy a commercial property or lease a commercial property. Any such contract consists of points such as details of parties involved, terms and conditions, important dates etc… The terms of a commercial brokerage contract are legally binding for the involved parties.

Sample Commercial Brokerage Contract:

commercial brokerage contract

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This contract has been made on the effective date 6th Jan 2011

This contract shall last for 12 months which is the term of the contract


This agreement has been made between the parties with the following details:


Name: Kell brokers

address: 23-J, 3rd floor, Henry tower, London

contact number: 474092804802


Name: Mr. Tim Johnson

address: 9-k, second floor, Paul estate, London

Details of commercial property:

Address: Q-67, ground floor, Parkinson square, London

Total cost of brokerage: $30000

The BROKERAGE FIRM shall provide financial support to the CLIENT for 12 months so as to help them purchase or lease commercial property.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The CLIENT must pay back the amount with 7% rate of interest after the termination of contract
  • The BROKERAGE FIRM must provide up to 70% of financial help to assist the CLIENT to buy commercial property.
  • The CLIENT must use the amount only for commercial use and present the paper work to the brokerage firm as proof.

Hence both parties agree to the terms of the contract:

Kell Aniston

Tim Johnson

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