A commercial agent contract is an official commitment between an organization and the agent in order to hire the valuable commercial services of the agent to market & sell the products. A commercial agent contract is based on the duties & obligations of the commercial agent and payment terms offered by the business organization.

Sample Commercial Agent Contract:

Contract number: 6970/ CA

Date: February 13th, 2011

This commercial agent contract is made & entered between Mr. Anderson Barrymore, address: office number: 34, Spencer Arcade, Salt Lake City, New York, America, hereinafter called as the agent party


Eagle Equipments Pvt. Ltd, Address: Plot No: 78, Industrial Area- B, Cathedral Road, New York, America, hereinafter called as the business party.

Whereas the business party is willing to hire the agent party to avail the valuable marketing & selling services for achieving the targeted business growth and the agent party is interested to work with the business party.

This contract is commencing from February 14th, 2011 and is terminating on February 14th, 2012.

Considerations & Covenants:

Duties of the Agent Party:

The agent party will work dedicatedly to sell & market the business party’s cosmetic products and bring the maximum clienteles.

Responsibility of the Business Party:

The business party will pay 25% of the total profit to the agent party, whereas in case of no business no amount will be paid.

Termination Clause:

If any kind of violation is encountered to the above mentioned term & conditions, this contract will be dissolved before the duration.

Acceptance of the commercial agent contract:

Agent Party                                                                                    Business Party:

Anderson Barrymore                                                                    Tina Timberlake

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